Home not selling?


Is your home listed for sale but not selling?  Are you needing to move and feeling the pressure of your once sound investment?

In today’s economic environment it is important to be open to new ideas and change and move from your traditional methods and ideas.  Leasing your property can be a very viable option for any homeowner and can actually be very profitable.  With the credit crunch and mortgage markets remaining tight, many “once buyers” are now looking to rent as an alternative.  Whether they are unable to qualify or fearful of the economic crisis, these qualified individuals are paying max dollar to rent homes.

Each day that your property sits on the market it is costing you: 1) Your time keeping the property in showing condition 2) Interest on mortgage payments 3) Taxes and Insurance 4) Maintenance and upkeep and of course 5) a ton of stress!  If your home is sitting vacant you can be sure you are racking up an additional list of expenses because a vacant home can be very costly.

What is there was a way to find a renter that would take great care of your property and treat your home as if it was their own?  How about using someone else’s money to cover the above mentioned expenses and prevent additional costly repairs?  Renting your home in Austin, Texas is always an option, and often times a great one.  With many new jobs being created every day, we see new renters moving into this market looking for nice homes and condos to lease.  These people are professionals that have money and care about their home environment and how they live.  This means they will take care of your property just as you would if not better.  In fact, they will probably let the landlord or property manager know every time something goes or seems wrong.

Renting out your home in today’s economy also has an additional benefit, one that I think is most important.  Renting out your home today allows you to hold out for a better market and time to sell.  Today’s qualified buyers are aware of what is going on in the news and around them.  They understand that there are many struggling homeowners out there that want or need to sell.  They expect a “great deal” which means that any offers you will receive on your property will most likely be significantly lower than what you feel your home is worth.  According to Realty Times (http://realtytimes.com), in Austin alone, we have seen an increase of 35% from January in the amount of homes listed for sale.  You try selling a home in this market for a good price.  You have invested in your home and in this wonderful city, so why sell yourself short?  Haven’t we learned that the best time to sell is when the market is hot?

Consider leasing your property in Austin, Texas to a qualified tenant and use their money to cover your expenses.  This will allow you to hold on to your real estate investment and sell at a better time when the return will be much more favorable.