Inexpensive, durable flooring, great for a rental property….And it looks great!


I thought I would share some info on a type of flooring that I have had great success within in rental property.  Traffic Masters ( offers a great flooring option for any rental property in the Allure Resilient Vinyl Planks.  This flooring is easy to install because of its unique gripstrip that requires no glue!  This floor can be installed directly over another floor type with a small amount of prep.  I do recommend scraping any surface prior to install and sweeping away any dirt or loose debris.  Did I mention its water proof and comes with a 25 year residential warranty?

I installed this flooring 3 years ago in one of my client’s rental properties (here we used the Country Pine).  This property is in Austin, Texas near the University of Texas and lends itself to college students, so durability and style is a must.  After 3 years this floor looks just the way we did when it was installed.   Since then I have installed the flooring in my own house and most recently our new office (Cherry). 

With so many color options ranging from cherry to country pine, this floor can be installed anywhere, and it looks like real wood! Installing this floor is a huge upgrade that will allow you to increase revenue on most rentals.  

This product is sold at Home Depot (Home Depot) for $1.79/ft ($42.69 per case of 24 sq ft).  Because our company purchases in volume we can get the flooring at a cheaper price for our clients. 

When replacing the flooring in any rental property think Traffic Master Allure Resilient Vinyl Plank flooring.