No Maintenance Up-Charge EVER!


Unlike most other property management companies, The Carvajal Group never up-charges any maintenance or repair expenses for our clients. Through economies of scale we are able to get repair work done at a fraction of the cost, saving thousands of dollars. This savings is passed on directly to our clients.

Our team is committed to ensuring each property is cared for as if it were our own. We’ve developed relationships with contractors, employees and vendors that meet our high standards. By maintaining real relationships with these service providers, we can ensure you’ll receive outstanding work at affordable prices. On-time payment of bills and consistent work gives us the upper hand with maintenance and repair providers.

Most management companies use maintenance and repair as a profit center. We, at The Carvajal Group, see this as a conflict of interest. Your property manager should not be incentivized to fix things, otherwise you could be paying for unnecessary repairs. We understand how to manage and operate rental property and know when things need to be tended too. We leverage our experience to increase your bottom line and maximize your return on investment (ROI).

With The Carvajal Group, you save money on:

  • Make ready
  • Repairs including HVAC, plumbing, and electrical repairs
  • Preventative maintenance

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