Why the Carvajal Group?


The Carvajal Group is Austin’s premier leasing and property management specialist and your one stop shop for all your real estate needs. Our team of dedicated professionals is committed to the highest level of customer service and we want to create a lifelong relationship with each client we serve.

What makes The Carvajal Group different

  • Experience Matters: The Carvajal Group has been serving the Austin Real Estate market for over 13 years. Our trained professionals have experience and strong knowledge of real estate and property management laws and regulations which means your properties are safe and in compliance limiting liability and risk for you as an owner.
  • Unique and aggressive marketing approach marketing: Cutting edge and innovative marketing techniques ensure maximum exposure on each property we market. We know that marketing to consumers is very important but in todays competitive environment, agent to agent marketing must be a high priority.
  • Relationships: Our team takes pride in the relationships we have with our owners, tenants and vendors and those relationships are the backbone of our success. Keeping happy tenants increases renewal rates and keeps maintenance costs to a minimum. Keeping happy vendors, including maintenance, repair personnel as well as real estate professionals, makes for the highest ROI.
  • Never up-charge maintenance: We never up-charge any maintenance or repair expenses. Unlike other property management companies we see “up-charging maintenance” as a direct conflict of interest. Through economies of scales we are able to get the best pricing on quality work and we pass that savings on to our clients.
  • Your Address. Our Passion: Our company motto speaks for itself! Each clients property and best interest is always our number one priority. We love our jobs and what we do and that is transparent in all that we do. You WILL NOT find a team that works harder for their clients and that’s why The Carvajal Group is the choice for leasing and property management services in Austin, Texas.

Advantages of hiring The Carvajal Group to lease and manage your property:

  • No more property management headaches!
  • Turnkey solution means we handle every last detail.
  • 24 hour emergency line leaves you worry free.
  • Leverage our experience to limit your risk and maximize return on investment
  • Say “goodbye” to collecting rent, and “hello” to direct deposit
  • Contact us today for a FREE leasing and property management proposal by filling in the form in the right hand column: