Advantages to Leasing


  1. Income: Earn stable income while investing in a thriving real estate market – Most everyone will agree that Austin real estate is going up in value. Holding your real estate and leasing it to earn steady income will allow you to reap the long term appreciation in value.
  2. Pay Fees: Use rental payments to pay costly property taxes and mortgage payments while you are not living in the property: – Rental income is a great way to cover your holding costs and expenses such as mortgage and insurance. Often times the rental amount can more than cover these associated expenditures but even if it does not, it definitely will lighten the load. Who doesn’t like to use other peoples money to pay off their real estate?
  3. High Rental Rates: Demand for for Austin rentals has never been so high. Simple economics tells us that when demand is high and supply is low, prices RISE! Right now we are leasing more properties for more money and setting rental rates records in the communities we work in. Keeping properties in good condition with updated finish-outs to take advantage of the current economic environment is the name of the game. We know how to market real estate and get these properties leased quickly and top dollar, minimizing risk and maximizing return for our clients.
  4. Freedom: Give yourself the freedom and flexibility to move without being tied down to your home:- Situations and circumstances do arise that give people a good reason to relocate or move. Waiting to sell your home before you can move can be a long and drawn out process. Renting is a great way to give yourself the freedom and flexibility so that you are not tied down to your home.
  5. Inflation: Hedge your investment against inflation with relatively short term contracts:- With rising inflation in today’s economy rental property is actual a great hedge against inflation. Because typical contract range from 6 months to 24 months with the average being at 12 months, rental amounts can easily be adjusted to keep place and, better yet, take advantage of rapid inflation.